Oil Analysis

YOUR wear and tear...
Acton EMS Oil Analysis reduces maintenance costs!

Oil Analysis is the sampling and laboratory analysis of a lubricant's properties, suspended contaminants, and wear debris. Oil Analysis is performed during routine preventive maintenance to provide meaningful and accurate information on lubricant and machine condition.

A programmed analysis of lubricants, fuels and coolants is a valuable resource for preventative maintenance and fault diagnosis.

By tracking oil analysis sample results over the life of a particular machine, trends can be established which can help eliminate costly repairs.

Oil Analysis provides:

  • Analysis of oil properties including those of the base oil and its additives,
  • Analysis of contaminants,
  • Analysis of wear debris from machinery.

In addition to monitoring oil contamination and wear metals, modern usage of Oil Analysis includes the analysis of the additives in oils to determine if an extended drain interval may be used. Maintenance costs can be reduced using Oil analysis to determine the remaining useful life of additives in the oil. By comparing the Oil Analysis results of new and used oil, a tribologist can determine when oil must be replaced.

As many more people are becoming aware, one successful saving of an expensive piece of equipment will far outweigh the total dollars spent on oil analysis. The oil analysis system is the best value for money insurance available to the customer. It is an effective tool in reducing overall operating and maintenance costs.