Shutdown Maintenance

YOUR planned Maintenance Shutdown

Need Help?  -  Too busy?  -  Unexpected breakdowns costing you money?
Acton EMS can assist your Engineers or take fully responsibility.

Acton EMS can assist your engineers with the planning of your next plant shutdown or take full responsibility for the management coordinating the removal, repair and reinstallation of rotating equipment.

Pre Shutdown Status Analysis - Removal - Repair - Reinstall - Commission

We can assist your Engineers with your next planned shutdown by:

  • Measuring the wear status of your critical assets ,
  • Planning which assets to work on
  • Providing additional trades personnel to assist your maintenance staff.
  • Providing qualified staff to coordinate the removal of electrical and mechanical equipment from site.
  • Overhauling electrical and mechanical equipment on site or in our fully equipped workshop.
  • Coordinating the reinstallation of electrical and mechanical equipment.
  • Meeting your scheduled shutdown deadlines.
  • Accepting responsibility for the complete coordination and commissioning of your shutdown.
  • Providing itemised breakdown of timesheets and costing for the removal, repairs,  reinstallation commissioning
  • Provide “Reliability Online”  CMMS record of all monitoring and Repairs to equipment
  • Provide “Reliability Online”  CMMS system for your records of your actions
  • Provide an as new guarantee on all assets which are repaired
  • Provide an as new guarantee on all assets we checked and found to be status “Guaranteed”

The Benefits of Acton EMS co-ordinate approach

  • Reduces the need for your electrical / mechanical staff to be involved, enabling them to continue with their regular tasks.
  • During overhauls to your equipment, if necessary, ACTON EMS can also machine shafts etc, spray weld, reclaim or remanufacture most worn parts to reduce equipment down time.
  • During Overhauls, if necessary, Acton EMS can balance shafts, fans, pump impellers etc, to New Zealand Standards in our fully equipped workshop.