Infrared Thermal Imaging & Leak Detection

YOUR Hot Spots -  do you know where they are?
Acton EMS Thermal Imaging gives you PEACE of MIND.

Acton EMS Thermal Imaging Risk Management Service provides our clients with peace of mind when it comes to managing the risk associated with electrical and mechanical equipment malfunctions which can lead to fire, production downtime, increased energy costs and potential health and safety issues for staff and the general public.

Assessing these risks is undertaken by Acton EMS certified thermographers using the latest Infrared Thermal Imaging, Ultrasound and Power Quality Analysing equipment.

All identified risks are presented to our clients in professional reports which diagnose all reported anomalies and make recommendations to rectify. In cases where significant heat energy losses are identified, energy losses and costs are also calculated.

  • Scanning & data collection
  • Analysis & fault interpretation
  • Reporting & recommendations
  • Trending of data
  • Integration into other Disciplines
  • Detailed feedback
  • Asset lists & condition
  • On-site reporting
  • Report critical anomalies on-site reporting
  • rending IR over time on all Assets
  • Cost saving

Leak Detection

Compressed air leaks commonly account for 20% to 50% of a Plant’s total compressed air consumption. Frequently, rectifying leaks is as simple as tightening a loose connector and as such provides an extremely attractive payback period.

Acton EMS has a number of Staff Members who are trained in Gas and Vacuum Leak Detection

Air leaks are tagged, with our assessment of annual energy consumption.  The Fitter rectifying the leaks only has a limited time to sort them out. By rectifying the biggest leaks first he ensures the payback for leak detection is minimised.

Our data loggers can collect energy usage information from the compressors in use.

HOT Bearing

HOT Motor

Overloaded Circuit