Wet Environment – Water Proof Your Motor

YOUR Plant may be a WET environment
Acton EMS can waterproof your motors onsite or in our Workshop.

WATERPROOF your Motors on-site, talk to us !  We don't normally submerge our Motors, but some of our Customers do!

We have developed the sealing of a standard Motor to IP 67 (temporarily submersible)  An Acton EMS modified Motor ran fully submerged in excess of 140 hours without a problem.  A total of 3 and a half weeks under water.  Running it only during the day.

We monitored the earth leakage current to see how it lasted.  After 140 hours of running, the leakage current was 13MA which is well within the 30 MA which our residual current protector would trip at.  Well inside of any permanent insulation damage.

We disassembled the Motor to see what caused the increase in leakage current and found only a few drops of water ha entered via the shaft sealing.


TESTIMONIAL - Ron Vandenberg - Vandenberg Electrical

In one of the Plants we look after, we have a 15kW Motor which has now been submerged three times for several days at a time (some process control limitations) And it still goes well thanks to Acton EMS.  All Motor Manufacturers should offer an option like this.