Rewinding – All Makes

Rebuild and Rewind Services

At Acton EMS we have winding equipment to suit any motor, pump, transform or coil with round wire, within our Workshop Facility, large motors by arrangement and On-site.

How our rewinding Facility saves you time and Money.  It's fast ! it's now ! and it is better than "NEW'

We are able to start immediately into any urgent work

We have tradesmen who are prepared to work through the night or weekends when needed. (Special rates may apply) Saving you production downtime.

Acton EMS has a policy of always checking the price and availability of new options other than repairing.  This can save the repair time.  We offer two price proposals.  We have the capacity to handle up to 3 tonne, test and guarantee your job today.

YOUR BIT - Rewinding is recycling:

Did you know that over 75% of the materials within an Electric Motor are reused & recycled when rewound.  When yo chose to have your motor rewound, you are doing your bit!


When we provide you with a "Guaranteed" costs effective repair, in a suitable time frame, then we're doing our bit !

We rewind - ALL Makes

  • Single speed: 2 speed & 3 phase motors
  • Slip ring motors & rotors
  • Single phase motors
  • Armatures
  • DC Motors
  • Stators & rotors
  • Brake Coils