We have experience of most makes and types of Pumps, including submersible, centrifugal, multi-stage, geared, hydraulic and vacuum.

All pumps are completely stripped, cleaned and overhauled with all new mechanical seals and bearings if required, motors are overhauled or rewound as required, reassembled and tested.

We can remove, dismantle, report, overhaul and refit to your instructions.

An in-house or on-site initial inspection and report is issued with price and delivery.  We will give a fair appraisal and discuss with the Client the best line of action.  Sometimes it is not economic to repair and we can supply exactly to your requirements from our expert suppliers for either replacement or new applications.

Pump Testing

We pressure test some pumps with water in them under load. But many larger centrifugal pumps and submersible pumps, are not economic to test in this way. We use air and vacuum as appropriate, to check flanges and seals. The most significant problem with pumps is a leak after installation.

We have pressure testing equipment which will detect a pressure drop of 0.07% over several hours. This means we guarantee flange joints and the seals are functional under pressure.

Commissioning on-site ensures the pump performs as it should.