Product ID

YOUR Asset identity ensures quick service.
PRODUCT ID saves time, money & with a better Warranty

Acton EMS has a number system which identifies your Asset quickly in a breakdown situation.

When “booking in” your Job to our Computer System your Asset is permanently identified on a Stainless Steel riveted Nameplate with its own specific number.

Purchased a NEW MOTOR - this can have a Product ID placed immediately if required.

We record all information, including Brandto enable us to understand what the Asset is. Then it is easy for us to keep records and provide Outstanding Guarantees.  ​

Our Numbering System allows multiples (see the image 10024.01 means it is the same as 10024.02, 03 etc. So that in a Breakdown situation it is possible to quickly ID a replacement Motor with the same ID Number, it will just have a different suffix.

If in the future you have a problem with this Asset, you phone us, we will be able to identify immediately what your Asset is plus:

  • If it is a Stock Item &/or who the Supplier is.
  • Date last Serviced
  • Job & invoice numbers
  • ​Description of work completed