Industrial Fans & Blowers

Acton EMS has 28 years of experience reconditioning, repair, and rebuilding industrial fans and blowers.

Our services include disassembly, non-destructive testing, visual inspection, dimensional and inspection.

After the customer's approval of the quote, we re-balance, machine or replace parts as required to bring the machine back to original factory


BELOW are some examples of work completed, and some very happy Customers  

​Typical Work

  • 24 inch Rita Fan motor 950 RPM
  • Call out to site fan blowing fuses, trace fault to motor winding,
  • Inform customer of likely costs, isolate, and Disconnect.
  • Remove fan assembly as part of ventilation duct.
  • Transport to workshop
  • Carry out check and report, put 2 proposals on repair, one at $2300 for the repair installed one year guarantee, and one of $2500 for a new unit installed
  • Proposal accepted: Purchase a new motor, fit to the duct, and test in the workshop.
  • Transport to site. Fit in Place, and commission.

Typical Work

  • 1.5 kW 3 phase 36 inch Ziehl fan 700 rpm
  • Fisher and Paykel Health care
  • Unit blowing fuses. Brought into our workshop.
  • For a check and report, found in need of a rewind and bearings, quoted $800 for the rewind and bearings, three year guarantee,  and $1200 for the new motor, 1 year guarantee,
  • Proposal accepted: Rewind and new bearings carried out, assembled to the fan, tested on full load. 
  • And dispatched.

Extra Ordinary work

  • 250 kW 2850 rpm ABB Motor and high pressure fan for glass tempering
  • Call to site - motor blowing fuses, found motor winding failed, Make up and present proposals for new, and repaired motor.
  • Proposal accepted: Remove motor, rewind the motor, fit new bearings, assembly and test.
  • Remove old fan bearings, repair fan shaft, fit new bearings, fit motor to the assembly and test

Extra ordinary Work

  • 15 kW 1425 rpm GEC motors for FORD alloy wheels on special freestanding frame.
  • Circulating air at 250Deg C over molten aluminum Reservoir. 20 fans in total
  • Acton EMS quoted $1200 each, for the 20 of for new bearings of the correct grade, with high temp grease fitted, winding's surge and hi pot tested, guaranteed for 1 year.
  • Each fan tested on full load.

Extra ordinary Work

  • 37 kW 1425 rpm GEC Motor and Fan unit - Building shaking.
  • ​Fit new bearings to Fan and Motor, and Dynamically Balance on site.