Electric Motors

The repair of Electric Motors has been one of the core businesses for Acton EMS since our inception. Acton EMS rebuilds about 150 Motors per month: both AC & DC, ranging from fractional kW to large horizontal & vertical motors in excess of 300 kW.

At Acton EMS, we are technical people used to solving one off technical problems, on any brand of equipment. We have experience, knowledge and excellent Suppliers, to create a quick reliable solution to suit your application. We continually "Strive for Excellence" in providing the highest quality finished product available.

We take the time to truly evaluate the condition of your Motor, both electrically & mechanically.From this Acton EMS can provide you with a detailed analysis of your equipment in order for you to make an informed decision on the necessary repairs. After we have rebuilt your Motor - our goal is that it performs better than it did when it was new.

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Instant Delivery

We can deliver any ISO Standard Motor, anywhere, anytime of the day or night,
Overnight within most of New Zealand.

ISO Metric Standard Electric Motors

90% of the Motors in use in Industry as ISO standard motor, which means that may different brands of motor will fit in the place of each other and perform in a similar way. This is ISO standard motor is a Brook Crompton W series electric motor which is very popular because of the quality, efficiency and the ability to mount the feet in any one of three positions so that the terminal box can be positioned more conveniently.

You can check out the Brook Compton Website here: http://www.brookcrompton.com/home.aspx​​​

Catalogues & Product information are available by email:

For all 3 phase, 1 phase, Hazardous Area (EXD) Dust Ignition Proof (DIP) Variable Speed Motors, Brake Motors: Brakes & Thrusters.
Catalogues show all physical dimensions, weights, performance at partial and full load.

Special Motors

ISO Standard Motors are available to suit the following applications

  • Flammable gases (EXD)
  • Explosive dust (DIP)
  • Corrosive chemicals, (aluminium, cast iron or stainless, or epoxy finish)
  • Wet environments to (IP56 to IP67 hose proof to submersible)
  • Hot environments to (250 ℃ smoke spill duty)
  • Cold environments to(40 ℃)

Frequently we take an ISO Standard Motor and modify the shaft, flanges and mounting to make them suitable for your special applications. A good example is for a cryogenic freezer, which has low temperature bearings and an extended shaft.


It is very important that a Servo Motor is tested before and after repair. We carefully test the motor winding for imbalance in the internal magnet circuit and the motor winding for imbalance in the insulation between turns, phases and to earth, we have seen thousands of types of servo motors. Encoder and resolver testing is an important part of carrying out a check and report.

The most common faults we find are bearings and housings worn, encoders damaged by worn bearings and sealing of the servo motor inadequate.