Breakdown Prevention


YOUR production is our concern... with OUR trouble-shooting service is the SECRET to effective Maintenance


YOUR PRODUCTION IS OUR CONCERN - At Acton EMS we know there is never a “right time” for a mechanical or electrical failure; with every minute of down time potentially costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Our Team of emergency Engineers are available 24/7 for On-site troubleshooting & repairs, to get you up and running as soon as possible.


On arrival at the plant, we will conduct a thorough assessment of your machinery and it’s location, from start to finish. We work closely alongside your Operators to determine the problem area and potential cause of failure. We then meticulously conduct a series of examinations in order for us to have a solid perspective on the overall condition of your Equipment.

Once the root of the fault has been detected our Engineers can give a step-by-step explanation as to what is the problem, how it occurred and what options are available to you.

Our “Troubleshooting Service” is available for Electric Motors, Pumps, gearboxes, fans, blowers  all electromechanical machinery in a number of diverse Industries.


  • Risk Analysis (A critical rating of assets so that the reliability budget can be spent most effectively)
  • Vibration Condition Monitoring
  • Infrared Imaging
  • Ultrasonic Analysis
  • Oil Analysis
  • Dynamic Balancing
  • DC Motor Condition Monitoring
  • Shutdown Maintenance
  • Machine Reliability

Acton EMS offers its Customers complete control service and new installations. We service and maintain most brands of AC/DC Drives and AC/DC Controls. Our Engineers are available 24/7 to keep your production lines operational and trouble free. EMS offers a variety of Preventative Maintenance Programs to help eliminate down time and costly delays.


Acton EMS service and maintain most brands of AC / DC Drives AC / DC Controls. Our Engineers are available 24/7 to keep your production lines operational and trouble free. Acton EMS offers a variety of Preventative Maintenance Programs to help eliminate down time and costs delays.

  • ON-SITE Control Upgrades
  • CUSTOM Panel Design 
  • CUSTOM Software Configuration
  • TURN-KEY Systems
  • PC BOARD Repair
  • PROGRAMMING and Consulting Services
  • ON-SITE Diagnostics


Breakdowns are Reactive tasks that keep us stuck as victims to circumstance (Urgent tasks)  Proactive tasks are the tasks that lift us up, and take us forward (Important tasks). Decisions on proactive tasks are reached by recognising patterns and making connections between cause and effect.

“The secret” to effective proactive maintenance:

  • Do proactive maintenance only on critical assets
  • List probable failure modes of critical assets
  • Eliminate the failure mode by design where economic
  • Reduce the failure mode by proactive maintenance and training.
  • Monitor the failure mode where the above two are not economic

Acton EMS makes every breakdown (Reactive maintenance)

Subject to our reason for failure analysis. The cost, reason and asset type and invoice are stored on line. Our graphical reporting tools help you in the analysis of what is costing what. (sample video of this analysis)

Each bearing failure mode has at least two solutions.
The most economic solutions are Ultrasonic Monitoring and Vibration Analysis

Problem Failure Mode Solution 1 Solution 2
Bearing Failed Normal wear and tear after 30000Hrs Vibration analysis Ultrasonic Monitoring
Bearing Failed Dust entered Seal bearing Ultrasonic Monitoring
Bearing Failed Water entered Seal bearing and housing Ultrasonic Monitoring
Bearing Failed Excess belt tension Train fitters Ultrasonic Monitoring
Bearing Failed Cavitations in pump Rectify Pump Cavitations Ultrasonic Monitoring
Bearing Failed Imbalance in Fan Clean impellor regularly Vibration analysis
Bearing Failed Shaft bent Check shaft prior to assembly Vibration analysis
Bearing Failed Coupling Misaligned Check coupling regularly Vibration analysis
Bearing Failed Insufficient lubricant Lubricate regularly Vibration analysis
Bearing Failed Excessive external vibration Rectify the vibration Vibration analysis
Bearing Failed Bearing not fitted correctly Train the fitter Vibration analysis
Bearing Failed Incorrect bearing fitted Training on the application Vibration analysis
Bearing Failed Housing or shaft incorrect fit Train the fitter Vibration analysis

Acton EMS offers a complete On-site Service. Troubleshooting, removal, repair, installation and commissioning. Better still we can advise on or implement a proactive program ​to prevent the recurrence.

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Our 20 plus years of breakdown experience has helped us to put together “The Industrial Maintenance Professional” an international leading edge proactive programme which is guaranteed to pay for itself within two years or your investment returned.

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Plant reliability depends on our ability to recognise probable failure modes, then carry out proactive tasks to minimise this risk.

After 20 years in proactive maintenance we have all the tools to tackle this complex subject

  • Criticality audit focuses us on the most critical Assets and the probable failure modes
  • Plant history helps focus on local likely failures
  • Analysis of each failure mode to consider design changes (contamination covers or sealing to a higher IP rating, power supply protection)
  • Analysis of failure modes to consider regular maintenance actions, cleaning lubrication
  • Monitoring of failure modes Vibration analysis, ultrasonics, Oil analysis, power supply analysis, Motor winding analysis