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Dry Ice Blasting – Eco-Friendly Industrial Cleaning

ARE YOU looking for a cleaning process which is not abrasive and would protect your working ASSETS ?

Fast, Cost-effective, Non-toxic CO2 cleaning - Dry Ice Blasting

Cleaning Industrial equipment can be difficult but with Dry Ice cleaning, downtime, cost & clean ups are substantially minimized. Dry Ice cleaning (also called CO2) is an incredibly effective non-toxic method of cleaning

Dry ice blasting is a relatively new cleaning process using solid CO2 pellets (known as dry ice). It is primarily used for industrial use in a variety of applications. The pellets sublimate (convert directly from a solid blast pellet to a vapour (CO2) leaving no residue.

Today, the dry ice cleaning method is quickly becoming favoured for environmental as well as production reasons. Because of tremendous environmental regulations, industry has needed to minimize wastes. Also, there is a growing consciousness that many are placing now on the global environmental impact of their production practices. However, these benefits are accentuated due to the tremendous performance gains through dry ice blasting -- little or no production downtime, quality of clean and minimized damaged to equipment.

What Is Dry Ice

Dry ice pellets are made by taking liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) from a pressurized storage tank and expanding it at ambient pressure to produce snow. The snow is then compressed through a die to make hard pellets.

What Is Dry Ice Blasting

It is a process in which dry ice particles are propelled to supersonic speed, to impact and clean a surface. The particles are accelerated by compressed air, just as with other blasting systems.

The micro-thermal shock (caused by the dry ice temperature of -79º C), the kinetic energy of dry ice pellets and the air pressure break the bond between the coating and the substrate.  off the coating from inside out and the air stream removes it from the surface.

Benefits of Dry Ice Cleaning

Reduced downtime, increased cost savings – Electrical equipment, generators, printers and other equipment can be immediately put back into service without waiting for solvents to dry. Quicker cleaning than other methods

No Messy Clean Up – CO2 pellets evaporate upon contact, eliminating the need for large storage containers for contaminated cleaning materials. All that needs to be removed are the remnants of the removed materials. Blasting energy removes the contaminant from the substrate;

Completely Dry/ Reduced likelihood of mildew or mould – Conventional liquid cleaning methods leave the possibility of mould and mildew generation from water vapour or moisture. Dry Ice Blasting has none of these issues

Environmentally safe and reduced disposal costs – Non-toxic CO2 simply evaporates into the air, leaving no hazardous chemical disposal..

Equipment is protected from pitting and erosion – Unlike sandblasting or other abrasive methods, there’s no need to worry about harming equipment that has sensitive tolerances and surface integrity. Dry Ice Cleaning is Non

No damage to the substrate, even delicate items like printed circuits

More thorough cleaning ability – Our dry ice cleaning equipment is smaller and more portable than traditional units, allowing us to come to your facility and get into hard-to-reach places that conventional units can’t.

On-site service – Acton EMS’s dry ice cleaning crew comes to your facility, minimizing downtime.

  • is clean and approved for use in the food industry
  • allows most items to be cleaned in place without time-consuming disassembly
  • can be used without damaging active electrical or mechanical parts or creating fire hazards
  • can be used to remove production residues, release agents, contaminants, paints, oils and bio-films
  • can be used for many general cleaning applications

In-house Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Services

Acton EMS offers dry ice blasting services at their facility at 7B Ra Ora Drive, East Tamaki Auckland. Contracted services of one-time to regularly scheduled service are available. Parts can be shipped common carrier or delivered by customer's own truck.

  • 24 hour turnaround
  • the ability to clean small and larges parts and equipment
  • single or multiple unit part orders for cleaning
  • one time or regularly scheduled cleaning orders
  • high pressure cleaning using our own portable diesel compressors
  • a report of results including video and photos of the dry ice blast cleaning performed


Blasting a Motor

Blasting a Joint

Uncleaned Baking Trays

Cleaned Baking Trays

Dirty Print Rollers

Cleaned Print Rollers

Cleaned Conveyor Belt

GRID half and half