Condition Monitoring

YOUR Machinery life needs to be prolonged.
Acton EMS Condition Monitoring Program Offers BIG Benefits.

Condition Monitoring

With the ever increasing pressure on Engineers and the workforce to maximise productivity and minimise the maintenance budget untimely breakdowns are most unwelcome.  A Condition Monitoring Program, combined with regular inspections can track many changes to a machines condition and thus minimising the risk of unexpected breakdowns.  This information helps encourage production to release the plant fo the minimum of maintenance, in the minimum of time.

Benefits of implementing a Condition Monitoring Program

  • Prolongs machinery life (small regular actions instead of big broken lumps)
  • Maximises the use of unplanned downtime (other worn Assets can be repaired simultaneously)
  • More reliable operation
  • Reduced maintenance cost (secondary damage is eliminated by rectifying in time)
  • Improves machine safety
  • Reduced environmental impact from wasted resources
  • Reduced stress on people having to act under pressure

WE can assist YOUR Engineers with planning and providing a regular Condition Monitoring Program complete with detailed written reports.