Health & Safety

YOUR Health & Safety Policies are important - Acton EMS Staff are trained, qualified and fully inducted.

At Acton EMS safety is our primary concern.  That's why we have a Company wide goal of Zero injuries and accidents in our Workshop and in every On-site job we perform.

Through constant reiteration of our safety procedures, immediate response to all unsafe Acts and positive reinforcement of safe behaviour, we have been highly successful in our safety activities.  Our safety record works for you as well as Acton EMS.

Acton EMS recognises that safety is the most import aspect our business.

We owe it to both our Customers and our Employees to maintain the highest of standard when it comes to safe working conditions and methods. Our Health & Safety Policy and procedures are reviewed regularly and updated to guarantee the highest possible level of safety performance.

As our Company has grown, we have stepped up our efforts to ensure safety, including H & S Induction for new personnel & Company wide awareness.

  • Safety programmes
  • Full time Health & Safety Officer
  • Health & Safety Policy for Industry
  • Principals Notification  
  • H & S Meetings
  • Safety Training

We have Staff trained in:

  • Confined Space & Gas Detection (17599/3058)
  • Height Safety (17600/15757

Our Staff comply with On-Site H & S Policies