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Electric motor repairs, Pumps, Gearboxes, fans, Mechanical Repairs or replacement. Electric Motor Solutions Ltd.

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hoimage004.jpgRewinding, repair or replacement,

From breakdown to preventative maintenance.

On site or in the workshop,

Talented Tradesmen ready to do their best for you.

 Fantastic Systems with reliable outcomes

Your product personalised means

outstanding guarantees are then possible.

 3year guarantee on rewound components.


Written guarantee and root cause reason for

failure on invoicing.  


Incredible Technology

Efficiently solving your challenges with the latest

technology. Our knowledge and technology is your

channel for a guaranteed solution.

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Typical work and extraordinary work examples

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Save time and money, use our knowledge and equipment!

What we see as "Motor Problems" have their root on one or more of the following


1 A power supply fault

2 A load fault

3 A motor fault


We have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in training and test equipment.

to get to the root of problems quickly.


Possible cause

Equipment to use



Ultraprobe 2000

Noisy bearings

Gearbox or Special bearing

Commtest Spectral Vibration Analysis



 AC/DC clamp meter.


Under cooling

Infra red Thermometer


Wrong voltage or connection

 AC meters, Oscilloscope for ac wave forms


Winding insulation failed between turns

Surge  comparison tester, Clamp Meters,

Blows fuses

Winding insulation low to earth

1000v dc Insulation tester

Trips overload

"normal load"

Excessive load on shaft

Load Dynamometer

Proves power output

Trips the overload

Winding insulation between phases

Surge comparison Tester

Finds change in inductance due to shorted windings

Trips the overload on  normal  load

Rotor bars are broken

Surge comparison Tester

Finds change in inductance due to

Broken conductors

Variable speed ac motor weak

Incorrect drive settings

True RMS ac clamp meter


DC motor sparking

Field winding shorted

Surge comparison tester

DC Motor


Commutation poor

Commutator stone for  a temporary repair Dc Clamp test, and scope to

Check the power supply is A OK

AC Motor smoked

Excessive load on shaft

Surge comparison tester detects weakness insulation not evident at working voltage

DC motor sometimes trips out

Loose connection in controls

Twin channel oscilloscope with data logging facility to see what happens microseconds before the trip.





Alan Coleman
Alan Coleman
- Fisher & Paykel
We have always had friendly and helpful advice with all motor problems. Followed up with reliable repairs, carried out promptly and efficiently at a resonable cost.
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